Not Enough Yarn In The World

Pattern overload may be my down fall. I have found so many great patterns that I want so badly to try. But I don’t have enough yarn, and I don’t have enough time, and my brain is spinning circles around it’s self just looking at all the seriously awesome patterns I’ve found. There may not be enough yarn in the world for all the wonderful things I want to make!

So here is the update for my showcase that was supposed to happen last week. Due to a death in the family I had to reschedule. I was disappointed, for sure, but there was nothing to be done. So I am now showcasing the second week in Dec. Part of me thinks that will be great because it’s still before Christmas, yet I also wonder how many people will be done shopping and have spent more than they can afford on Black Friday. I guess we will see. The positive side of this is that I have even more time to prep and make more of those cute patterns.

I made my first boot cuffs this week. A friend ordered two sets, and both had stitches that I had never done. But no problem here! They are done and look great. I would love to keep the gray ones! That is always a problem I have!

Now I am on to the most adorable knitted baby dolls I have ever seen! I posted a picture on my personal facebook page just to see if there would be any interest. Really I was looking for a justification to spend money on this pattern, and of course I got it. I already have several people ready to order, even though I haven’t even made one yet! Oh the joys! I am hoping to knit a few up for Christmas gifts too. Yippe!

I was working on a knitted baby blanket too, for friends. Well, their baby girl was brought into the world early, and I am no where near done with it. I’m not sure I ever will be. I might just have to call it a Christmas gift and work my butt off between now and then. Why did I think I could get that much done!? Of course there is also the problem of wanting to keep it for myself because I love the yarn! Does anyone else have this problem when knitting for other people?

So that about sums up my last week of knitting. Now I’m off to figure out how to make this baby doll.

Busy Knitting

I have been in a procrastinating mood. Not good, I know. I have also been really, really busy, if that makes sense?

My daughter had 6 appointments over 4 days! That was after one got cancelled! I have worked some on keeping my house from looking like a home store blew up all over it. Other than the massive amount of laundry waiting to be folded, I think I have had semi success!

I have also been working hard on cowls. The public asked for cowls and I am responding! Just a few days ago I finished a very soft bulky cowl, and this morning I finished a granny square double cowl! Woo Hoo! I am about half done with a puffy multi green cowl, and am dreaming of all the hats I want to make.

The showcase got pushed back a week and I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. I felt like I had not gotten done all the work I needed to, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so! Ah, isn’t owning a small business fun?!

In the mean time I also put off finishing a baby blanket for my friend. She isn’t due for 2 weeks, and I thought I could work on items for the shop until the showcase and then get the blanket done after that. Looks like that might have been a mistake, as she seems to be experiencing signs of the baby coming very soon!

I also have a few new projects in mind…..stay tuned.

Knitting In Progress & Christmas Panic


I have been working on this turquoise cowl.

The pattern said it should take 1 hour. They lied. I am a fairly quick knitter, but this project has taken me hours! I should be done with it tonight and I am excited. I plan on posting it in my Etsy shop soon! Keep your eyes open for it.

I’ve been attempting to prepare for a show in late October, and I am running further behind than I am comfortable with. I know with some free time, and hard work I will be ready though. Now, can anyone tell me where I find this “free time” stuff?

I have so many ideas, and patterns, and projects floating around in my mind. Do you ever feel that way? It has also been brought to my attention that Christmas is just around the bend. I have not even started preparing. In our home we tend to give handmade gifts. Our reasons range from cost effectiveness, to the planning and thought that has to go into a handmade gift, add in there the fact that I am not a big crowd kind of person. I would much rather stay home and take hours to make you something than shopping. I suppose if I were logical- which I try very hard to be- then I would get started on gifts, but honestly that sounds really overwhelming right now. So excuse me for now while I become an ostrich every time Christmas is mentioned. Just for a little while, and as soon as I come up for air I will be posting about all those handmade gifts.

On the flip side, the weather is turning colder here in the mid west. It is becoming sweater and boots weather. Loving this! Which also means I am enjoying curling up on the couch with a mug of coffee and knitting while buried under a blanket, or better yet knitting a blanket.

What are you planning or preparing for? Working on?

Yarn Bending and Sherlock

Hello yarn benders, and hat lovers. Don’t you just like the term yarn bender? It sounds like something from a science fiction movie don’t you think? Last night I might have argued that the term should have been yarn entangler. I have had a few patterns sitting around to try, and what was supposed to be the simplest one, well, wasn’t.  But, I worked it out, and now I think I have it! The new turquoise cowl should be done and ready for the shop by tonight!

We have been watching a lot of tv series in the last few weeks, which I feel offers the perfect opportunity to knit. It gives me the option of short or longer knitting times depending on what I am watching…..want a short break to knit, watch “New Girl” need a bit more time? How about some “Sherlock”? Don’t you just love Sherlock? The boldness of him, oh my word!  BBC has become very popular in this house, and my husband had even attempted to speak with a British accent for a while. It was awful, and really funny. Have you ever noticed how much they get away with? I love it! I have come to realize that we are much more censored here.  It was just something that I found interesting.

I take my knitting with me everywhere. Does that make it an obsession? In my mind, it is just practical. I sit. I knit.  To others, I don’t know, I wonder if it is annoying, but then I hope that they realize I am never ever ignoring them.  Just because I am looking down, or counting does not mean I am not listening, or thinking. Sometimes knitting actually helps me focus. It is calming, and therapeutic…at times.  It is at times what keeps me focused. Patterns and routine AND the ability to create, and play with colors, and textures, it’s exciting to me really.

So, do you knit, or have another way of expressing your creativity?