Not Enough Yarn In The World

Pattern overload may be my down fall. I have found so many great patterns that I want so badly to try. But I don’t have enough yarn, and I don’t have enough time, and my brain is spinning circles around it’s self just looking at all the seriously awesome patterns I’ve found. There may not be enough yarn in the world for all the wonderful things I want to make!

So here is the update for my showcase that was supposed to happen last week. Due to a death in the family I had to reschedule. I was disappointed, for sure, but there was nothing to be done. So I am now showcasing the second week in Dec. Part of me thinks that will be great because it’s still before Christmas, yet I also wonder how many people will be done shopping and have spent more than they can afford on Black Friday. I guess we will see. The positive side of this is that I have even more time to prep and make more of those cute patterns.

I made my first boot cuffs this week. A friend ordered two sets, and both had stitches that I had never done. But no problem here! They are done and look great. I would love to keep the gray ones! That is always a problem I have!

Now I am on to the most adorable knitted baby dolls I have ever seen! I posted a picture on my personal facebook page just to see if there would be any interest. Really I was looking for a justification to spend money on this pattern, and of course I got it. I already have several people ready to order, even though I haven’t even made one yet! Oh the joys! I am hoping to knit a few up for Christmas gifts too. Yippe!

I was working on a knitted baby blanket too, for friends. Well, their baby girl was brought into the world early, and I am no where near done with it. I’m not sure I ever will be. I might just have to call it a Christmas gift and work my butt off between now and then. Why did I think I could get that much done!? Of course there is also the problem of wanting to keep it for myself because I love the yarn! Does anyone else have this problem when knitting for other people?

So that about sums up my last week of knitting. Now I’m off to figure out how to make this baby doll.


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